ZEN Necklace By Twisted Silver

Go with your intuition, and own it. It’s brassy, bold, hammered, and best of all the length is up to you: because that’s the TwiSteD life.

Brassy and bold and hammered.

Element:  Brass

Design Size:  2.5″

Length:  35.5″ and is adjustable

Weight:  2 oz

Accents may vary between brass or silver per the designer, which means you have a TwiSteD original!


Twisted Silver Presented by TopKnot Peacock at Walking Pants in Memphis, Tennessee Next To The Historic Arcade Restaurant

About Twisted Silver

Leading the trends, founder and designer Debra Mitchell created Twisted Silver llc ®, a distinctive and edgy indie line that thumbs an irreverent nose at conventional jewelry rules. Perfectly Imperfect with earthy base metals, recycled, found objects, and vintage asymmetry throughout, Mitchell’s strong sense of style and individuality is apparent in her line. A celebrity favorite, Twisted Silver goes Above and Beyond the Call of Jewelry.


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