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    Harley Davidson Upcycled Stained Glass Guitar

    You’ll Love This Harley Davidson Upcycled Mosaic Glass Guitar Handcrafted by Local Memphis Artist Kim Baldock, Owner of KIMOSAIC. 

    "Thunder Angel"

    This black and orange guitar says it all with the Harley-Davidson clutch plate decorating the sound hole and Harley-Davidson logo gracing the headstock. Even with Kim’s trademark iridescent glass she’s still a Harley.

    Size: 40” Length and 15” Wide at body

    About Kim Baldock, Owner of KIMOSAIC

    I was raised in the south and the music of this region resonates with me and influences the art I create. Exclusively stained glass, my art pieces can be big or small. Sometimes inspired by the old guitars or cellos and violins I give new colorful life to or whimsical garden art.