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    Creative Blocks

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    Have you ever sat down with the intention to make, only to end up just staring at a blank canvas? Well, that’s what we call a creative block. It happens when our minds are free to think of anything, but there are just too many possibilities to pick just one thing to create. Also known as analysis paralysis, choice overload or decision fatigue.

    To remove a creative block, you have to narrow your possibilities. That’s why we created Creative Blocks, a set of blocks that help you build, make, imagine, explore and play. It’s during that process you can start uncovering ideas and build your creative confidence.

    How to play: unpack blocks, stack, arrange and play.

    Each set includes 48 blocks in total. 24 that are 1"x1"x3" (2.54x2.54x7.62cm) and 24 that are 1"x1"x1.5" (2.54x2.54x3.81cm). Each block is handcrafted by our sister company, Ohio Workshop. Yeah, we use machines, but a human is cutting each piece, routing the edges with precision and staining. In fact, there's a good chance you'll still smell that fresh (Non-Toxic) stain when you open your box. This isn't a technology product, but we've still put incredible attention to detail into these blocks for you.