BLENDERS K Series Blazing Panther Sunglasses - Pink Tortoise

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Founded On Fun. Designed For Adventure. Priced To Party.

These glasses scream, “I’m feelin’ good, and I’m ready to party.” And we really do mean scream: if you’re looking for a subtle pair of shades, the‘Blazing Panthers’ aren’t for you. The gloss pink draws people’s attention, while the black tortoise pattern keeps things interesting. Then there are those striking white stripes on the side, which let people know you have enough taste to shop at Blenders.

These shades are also super comfortable, which is important if you’re going to be out for hours hanging with friends. Even better, they’re only $20. Priced to party! If you want a pair of glasses that look as wild as you feel, you’ve gotta get the‘Blazing Panthers’.

- Pink/Black Tortoise

- Pink Mirrored Lenses 

- Maximum Comfortability

- Size: 54-16-135mm

- Microfiber Pouch Included