BLENDERS East Village Flower Punch in Rose Pink Sunglasses

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BLENDERS Sunglasses

Founded On Fun. Designed For Adventure.
Priced To Party.

Take one look at these glasses and you’ll be able to understand their basic appeal: cuteness. Our  ‘Flower Punch’ glasses are made for people who are girly and not afraid of show it. They’re perfect if you want to catch some eyes with your fun, fresh style. Of course, sunglasses are about more than just turning heads (though that’s not a bad goal to have!) You want to make sure the shades protect your eyes from the sun. The  ‘Flower Punch’ glasses do just that.

As with all of our glasses, the  ‘Flower Punch’ shades come with a microfiber pouch, so they can stay clean when you’re not using them. If these shades look stylish to you, there’s no reason not to try them. They’re fun, they’re fresh, they’re girly, they’re you.

- White / Pink Floral Frame
- Polarized Mirrored Pink Lenses 
- Maximum Comfortability
- Microfiber Pouch Included