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    ARE YOU AN ARTIST, MAKER, OR CREATOR OF AMAZING THINGS? Yeah you are! We would love to hear about your work!

    Walking Pants Curiosities is owned by Daryl and Ashley Andrews in Memphis, Tennessee. Our retail shop is located in the heart of the South Main Arts District. Our store offers a unique mix of photography, art, jewelry, home decor, clothing, and more. We have chosen this particular space for our retail store to capture and take advantage of the tremendous growth along South Main as well as the already established foot traffic, particularly the weekend and tourist traffic received next door at the Arcade Restaurant. That's right! You heard correctly! We are located next door to the famous and historic Arcade Restaurant. On weekends, wait times can exceed an hour and we want to provide a place for people to browse and explore the amazing art created right here in Memphis, Tennessee.

    We are looking for artists, makers and creators with extraordinary products! If that is you, fill out the form below with as much information as you have available. We are looking for exclusive and unique artwork, home decor, jewelry, clothing and other items.

    The following items important to note:We will consider work from artists located anywhere, but prioritize and consider Memphis and surrounding area artists first. 

    If after reviewing the information we have provided you still have interest, please fill out the following form with as much information as you have available. We will begin the review process and contact you to discuss our vision and what you require in greater detail.

    Thank you for considering partnering with WalkingPants.co and tell your friends to sign up!


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