These Fantastic Birdhouses Are Handcrafted by Local Memphis, Tennessee Artist R. P. Funderburk.

Each birdhouse is a working wren house or can be used for decorating. Each one captures the beauty of the Mississippi Delta and its historic place in music history the world over.

Memphis Artist R.P. Funderburk About R.P. Funderburk

My love of birds led me to build birdhouses from the rescued boards and objects found in my work remodeling buildings in the area.  I use pieces of tin roofs, barbed wire and sawmill slabs.  Then I add seedpods, twigs, vines and mosses. They are designed to highlight the best features of the materials and are easy to maintain.

These birdhouses are beautiful enough to be display in your home and are sturdy enough to be used in the yard. I have recently started building wood constructs featuring fungi, interesting pieces of tree limbs and concrete leaves that I make.

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