September 14, 2016

Captive: a person that has been taken prisoner.

Freedom: the right to act, think or speak as one wants, without hindrance or restraint.

Dear Past,
Dear Mistakes,
Dear Failures,
Dear Enemy,
Dear Fear,
Dear Words Someone Said,
Dear Circumstance,
Dear Loneliness,
Dear Naysayer,
Dear Bondage,
Dear Chains of My Past,
Dear Dirt From That Fall,
Dear Feelings,
Dear Resources,
Dear Worry,
Dear Lies,
Dear Hurts,
Dear Heart Wounds,
Dear Brokenness,
Dear Money,
Dear Unknown,
Dear Time,
Dear Assumptions,
Dear Beliefs,
Dear Small Dreams,
Dear Impatience,
Dear Troubles,
Dear Sorrow,
Dear Bitterness,
Dear Anger,
Dear Burdens,
Dear Focus,
Dear Hell Breaking Loose,
Dear Quit,
Dear Walls,
Dear Shortcuts,
Dear Plan B,
Dear Maybe Later,
Dear I Can't Because,
Dear Someone That Said I Can't Won't Shouldn't,
Dear Excuses,
Dear Lack,

You took what's not yours into darkness. I take back what is mine by birth right into light. This is my freedom. Unequivocally. Without hindrance. Without restraint. Without Fear. Boldly.

You can't stop me. Because He spoke it and I Am Free!



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