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February 02, 2017

What if there was a way? You know, to accomplish that "impossible" thing you face.

What if there was? What if you just tried again? Tried one more time after the 87th time you said "this is the last time!" What if? What if pushing, trying, asking, hoping, attempting just one more time made the difference? What if you have to dust yourself off again? Even then, do it again. And it's embarrassing. Do it again. And people laugh because they don't understand. Try, again. I know it's seems overwhelming. I know getting a concrete wall to grow fluffy rainbow wings probably sounds easier right now, but what if?

Don't quit. Please? The people, the places, the families, the whatever or whoever it is your dream impacts... they need you not to quit this morning. So don't, okay? Good. Glad that's settled. Now go set your world on fire.

Believing in Impossible,



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