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by Daryl Andrews November 17, 2018 2 min read

Where Are You Today?

You face down, mouth filled with the dirt and the rocks and the grime from falling face first, again? It's always "again" isn't it? If you are laying there, right now, and the hardest thing you can begin to imagine to do is just open your eyes and try, to just try, and stand up just one... more... time.

"But, I can't get up! Not again. It is too much. I hurt too much. I quit."

Rise up! You can't stay there. Rise up. Again. Again. Again. Rise up! You are loved! Rise up, you are not alone! Rise up! You have everything within you to accomplish whatever that "thing" is your spirit seeks, passionately!

Hear me: You are not down here in the dirt alone. You are not what you feel in this moment.

"But, you don't understand, I've been knocked down so many times. I am a failure. Worthless, nothing. I will never be anything, become anything-."

Those are lies, Warrior!

Rise up! Because we have... each other! Rise up, you are needed in the fight. We need you, standing, sword in hand, covered in the fresh dirt and muck, cut and bleeding and dang near broken... We need you... you hear that? You are needed! We need you to rise up and press your back against our backs because that is what mighty warriors do... they rise up. And then we go, together, and we... and we... WE go and WE find our fallen sisters and brothers, and we help them rise up. Together.


No matter where you are, how low you are, how defeated you feel today, you are loved. You hear that? In the place you lay, this valley of brokeness and lost dreams, of that same depression you've battled for years, or the pain of that lost relationship, in your place of washed out wounded hope... you are loved, as you are. Right now.

So come on. One more time. Dig deep. Open those eyes. Dig those shaking fingers into the earth, grab hold, it i going to hurt, but take a deep breath and with all that you are, with everything you have left in you to give...

Rise Up, Mighty Warrior, Rise Up!

Believing in Impossible!


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Daryl Andrews
Daryl Andrews

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