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    August 15, 2016 2 min read

    "They were in a place of holy mystery. God was at work among them. They were quietly worshipful—and then noisily grateful, calling out among themselves, “God is back, looking to the needs of his people!” Luke 7:16-17

    We stand across from amazing things but instead of keeping our eyes on the prize, turn our backs and stare into our past. "What am I thinking? Nothing works. I'm a failure. This is crazy. I'm not enough. It'll never work. All I do is fail, fail, fail..." That's when our journey to this particular place becomes the spot where we throw our hands up in surrender.

    Why? We Worship Our Own Fear!
    We... Turn our hearts... Over to fear. We do. We worship it. We kneel in surrender to it. When we refuse to leap across the impossible we honor the enemy's lie that we think we see within us. In that instant, every good thing shuts down. The second we declare "I know better! I'm not enough!" we surrender Life at the alter of our past failures. We hoard our lack. "Preccciooouussssss!!! Grrrrrrrr... Itsa mine! My failure! Mine!"

    What If We Got Crazy and Got "Noisily Grateful" Instead?

    What if we declared our gratefulness for the road to now? What if we chose gratefulness for the Storm Deliverer? Chose gratefulness for what's been overcome and stood in awe that somehow, in the mystery of a craftsmen's hand upon our lives, we had endured? What if we said thank you for the ways we were seen through when there wasn't a way? What if we got loud about that gratefulness and declared the goodness of success we never earned on our own?

    Huh? Noisy Gratefulness?

    Noisy gratefulness is when our spirits soar. When we fix our eyes on what's been proven possible by Him, we believe. That is Grace, undeserved, building us up! It grows our  confidence. Noisy Gratefulness assures us. It changes us, turns us thankful and joyful instead of beaten and bitter!

    And as we stare across with hearts that are assured, thankful, confident and joyful guess what we will do? We JUMP!!!!

    Hear me now... Noisy Gratefulness is the super secret agent, 007 with a touch of Super Hero weapon that you already carry. It is the weapon that obstacle before you fears more than you fear yourself! (Read that last sentence again.) Gratefulness declares victory in our future because of His past, not ours.

    Fear says “You cant do this!”

    Gratefulness shouts “He did this!"

    Fear says “there is no way!”

    Gratefulness shouts "I've seen him accomplish impossible!"

    Fear says “His promises mean nothing!”

    Gratefulness shouts "He will because He has before."

    Fear says “I've lost!”

    Gratefulness shouts "I've won!"

    Get Noisy in Gratefulness. It's your launchpad to amazing, impossible, world-changing things!!!


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    Daryl Andrews
    Daryl Andrews

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