August 04, 2017

It's Time... For A Downtown Memphis Gift Shop Paint Party!!! (And we have you to blame!)

A year ago - almost to the day - we were deep in discussions regarding the impossible possibility of opening a store in the heart of the South Main Association​ in Downtown Memphis​. Our idea was based on the single (one,1) print I had sold to date and a really cool space next door to The Arcade Restaurant, Memphis' Oldest Cafe​. Somehow, we moved in on August 1st and, armed with paint brushes and $200 in paint, we got to work. We painted half the floor space because we believed that is all we would need. We were so wrong.

In truth, like most of us when we dream, we did not dream big enough. We never imagined how fast your support would cause us to need to grow. We did not realize how many new friends would walk through our front doors and become our family. So... once again, here we stand, completely humbled by your willingness to come alongside us and become part of our crazy dream. We are so grateful for your faith in us and your willingness to join #TribeWalkingPants

Now, come grab a paint brush! It's kinda your fault! ;)

Ashley and Daryl

P.S. Dream Even Bigger.

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