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July 19, 2016

Remember when Israel wanted to be cool and get a King?

What happened was God took this guy named Saul that was off chasing after some lost donkeys, pointed and said "Him." And Saul was looking around because surely they didn't mean him. He was a farmer from the smallest clan of the smallest tribe. Here's the good part... On coronation day, in front of everyone in Israel the prophet Samuel looked around to anoint Saul as King, and Saul is nowhere to be found. Know where they found him?

They found Saul, Israel's first king, hiding under the baggage. Saul was called to greatness through grace, but chose to hide under his baggage in fear. It says when they finally pulled him out he was taller than every man there.

Let that sink in.

Like Saul, we have been called to greatness through grace. But also like Saul, we hide under our baggage refusing to accept what our name is, now. Like Saul, we cannot see ourselves as the author sees us: bigger than life, like a king or queen.

Tonight I've been wanting to hide under the baggage. It feels safe. Known. My wounds aren't exposed, not under there. But life's not found under there and I can't stay. Life is out there, away from baggage I no longer need to carry, free from the lies of fear that whisper "not enough." It's a life of risk and adventure only found in wildly true Abundance. Abundance found when we realize, He is who He says He is. So that means, we are who He says we are, too.

That means we are free. Now.

Abundant life, out beyond the Fear. We were created for out there. That is why tonight you are free to dream bigger than you have ever imagined and why I am taking this step and launching Walking Pants Photography and Home Decor.

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