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September 11, 2016

Whatchoo mean we gotta have pretty white washed walls, fancy straight lines and pristine new stuff?

Man, this place, this art, it's not about perfect, it's about plain messed up, about crazy uncalled for radical redemption. It's about the 87th last chance. It's about the ewww, the yuck, about jumping down in the pit of ugly and staying awhile in the gross so ugly isn't alone.

There's nothing wrong with those metal panels that have been laying in a field for six years. That rust, those cobwebs, they stay, because here, we call those imperfections Beautiful. They remind us of who we once were, and call for gratefulness that we no longer are because of the wonderful madness of Grace in our lives.

The forgotten, that's our family. And at Walking Pants we call that Abandoned to Grace.

It's a messy love thing, and it is fantastic, because #loveworks



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