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    July 11, 2019 3 min read

    We Found This Great Article
    From StuffedSuitcase.com we thought you might love if you are a big Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Lover! Walking Pants almost made the cut for a location in last years “Christmas at Graceland.” 

    Full article can be found here: https://stuffedsuitcase.com/memphis-places-christmas-at-graceland-hallmark-movie/

    If you’re a Hallmark movie fan and you’re planning a trip to Memphis soon, don’t miss these 10 iconic Memphis spots that were mentioned and/or shown in the movie, Christmas at Graceland.

    I recently had the opportunity to visit Memphis, Tennesee for a few days and during the trip, I got to preview the brand new Hallmark Movie, Christmas at Graceland. I should probably explain that I am a Hallmark junkie. My kids even make fun of me because of it. So, it really is no surprise that I was ecstatic to get to see this movie before anyone else, and even in the same theater as Eric Close and Wes Brown! Thank you to Memphis Travel for inviting me to be a guest in your lovely city!

    christmas at graceland movie

    The Hallmark Movie, Christmas at Graceland, was filmed in Memphis, TN

    The neat fact about Christmas at Graceland and Memphis is that it was actually filmed in Memphis. Funnier still, it was filmed in the summer when temperatures easily hit in the 100s and yet they still managed to create a movie that looks like it took place in the winter. I should also mention perhaps that even though they made Memphis look like a snowy winter wonderland, the city only has about three inches of snowfall annually. The white Christmas that was displayed prominently in the film probably isn’t reality.

    10 Memphis Locations from Hallmark’s Christmas at Graceland Movie

    Below is the list that I put together with the help from my friends at Memphis Travel of all the great Memphis mentions and filming spots that you can hear and see during the film. Some might be more prevalent than others, but all together they help make this film truly Memphis.

    memphis travel from christmas at graceland movie

    Memphis Locations from Christmas at Graceland Hallmark Movie


    Of course, Graceland is in the movie — it is in the title after all! It was actually the owners of Graceland who reached out to Hallmark with the idea of filming a movie around Graceland. Graceland is mentioned quite a few times in the movie, however, it is only shown in a few scenes. While you can visit Graceland during the holidays and see some festive decor in the house, you can’t wander around the grounds at night as the movie suggests. Graceland does get lit up for the holidays, they even have a special lighting event each year, but you’ll have to look at the pretty lights from afar since the Graceland gates close each evening.

    Guest House at Graceland

    The Guest House at Graceland hotel is featured prominently in the movie. This is a hotel owned by Graceland that is located just down the road from Graceland. It’s where Laurel, Kellie Pickler’s character, and her daughter stay while she’s in town for business. I’m not sure if the piano in the suite is a real thing at the Guest House, but I do know that the hotel has special suites featured around Elvis. The movie also has a quirky hotel concierge named Kathy who kind of makes me want to stay in a hotel during the Christmas season!

    guest house at graceland

    Guest House at Graceland.
    Photo credit: Robert Dye / Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Discover the full article here: 


    Daryl Andrews
    Daryl Andrews

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